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Rug Cleaning

Duraclean in Worcester County is a family-owned business, and we take pride in our exceptional customer service. When you have your rugs cleaned by Duraclean, a professional technician will come out to your home to clean your carpets, and in almost no time, you'll see the benefits of a clean carpet. At Duraclean, we want you to know the benefits of using our rug-cleaning service.

When you have your rugs cleaned by Duraclean, you'll have fewer allergens trapped within the fibers, which will improve the health of you and your family. You'll also be maintaining the investment you made in your rugs, and you'll save yourself the time of doing it yourself.

We at Duraclean only have experienced, professional technicians who know how to get out stains and pull up all extra water so that your carpets dry faster. It's also beneficial to have a professional clean your carpets because they know how to use the equipment. And this means that there is less chance of accidentally breaking something with the equipment.

We also have safe, quality equipment to get the job done right. Our machines are top quality, so they pick up dirt that other carpet cleaners can miss. We also maintain our equipment for the highest level of cleaning.

At Duraclean, we want to make sure that you're not just satisfied with our service. We want you to be impressed by our friendly, efficient technicians and quality work, so we go above and beyond to provide the customer service you deserve.

Looking for a free estimate? Call us to set up an appointment at 508-753-7255.